Credit with wage attachment


Attachment of wages follows a court decision. Whatever the reason, it does not constitute an obstacle to obtaining credit, except in certain specific situations. A wage attachment is indeed not recorded on a file at the ban, like a payment incident.

It is thus possible to concretize a project by taking out a personal loan with attachment of wages, or to get out of the rut by a repurchase of credit with attachment of wages. However, the borrower’s file must be solid: how to prepare it?

Causes of wage attachment

Causes of wage attachment

Multiple situations can give rise to attachment of wages:

– a delay in paying the tax: in this case, ask for a schedule to spread the debt over time;
– unpaid rents: if the amount is large, it is better to borrow the money from a relative and repay it as and when, because the amount of the amount due could cause a refusal of credit with attachment of wages from the lender;
– maintenance payments paid irregularly or occasionally: this gives rise to a decision by the salary attachment judge, which in no way affects the granting of a loan;
– non-payment of maturities of an outstanding loan: the payment incident will be reported to the bank; it will therefore be very difficult to take out a new loan, unless you offer a solid guarantee, real estate for example.

Preparation of the credit application file with salary attachment

Preparation of the credit application file with salary attachment

Transparency is by far the best attitude to adopt to put the odds on its side:

– by explaining, with supporting evidence, the reasons for the attachment of wages, the amount and the duration, the file will be studied with a rather positive a priori.
– The borrower’s bank profile is another advantage: an authorized overdraft or rejection of direct debts does not bode well. The bank statements provided must therefore be beyond reproach.
– A stable and durable job, in CDI for some time with the same employer or, failing this, no period of inactivity between two employers constitute as many good points. The pay slips will bear witness to this.
– A co-borrower or real estate is likely to reassure the banking organization, if the file is not solid.

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