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A work loan is exclusively dedicated to carrying out work, both indoors and outdoors. With regard to your accommodation, the works usually concern the fitting out of a new incorporated kitchen, the improvement of thermal insulation, or even the creation of a new decoration. For work that concerns the exterior, we usually find the construction of a swimming pool, the installation of a terrace or the construction of a garden shed.

You can also consider applying for a loan to renovate your apartment, which will allow you to have a refurbished home. This is particularly useful before moving in because it is much easier to carry out the work when the apartment is still empty. A work loan can also allow you to finance your work in co-ownership with ease.

How to simulate a work credit?

How to simulate a work credit?

Do you want to do work at home, but don’t have enough money? Think of the works credit to carry them out without waiting, moreover it will save you from drawing on your savings. In addition, the reimbursement will be smoothed over a period ranging from 2 years to 6 years, which will allow you to maintain your purchasing power with controlled monthly payments. With the work credit simulator, you can accurately estimate the monthly payments you will have to pay each month if you want to take out a loan to finance your work.

You can determine the total amount of your request thanks to the total cost of your work. The easiest way is to ask local artisans to make a quote according to your project. If you prefer to save money, you can do the work yourself, but be sure to include the cost of materials and tools in your budget. Another tip is to call on other experienced DIY enthusiasts who offer their services for a fee through a dedicated website.

How does our simulator work?

How does our simulator work?

The work loan simulator that is offered by works like a loan calculator, but much more efficiently. In fact, you just need to enter the amount you want to borrow and the duration of the repayment, and click on “simulate this loan”. After this step, you have all the information necessary to assess your credit: the monthly payments that you will have to repay, the APR (Annual Effective Annual Rate) and the total cost of your credit.

The simulation of your work loan will give you all the keys to make your decision. You can also study all the solutions to find out how to finance your apartment work to make the right choice according to the work to be carried out. You can compare the different rates offered according to the duration, indeed it can be different and you can have a lower APR (Annual Effective Annual Rate) in some cases. Do not forget the monthly cost of the monthly repayment of your work credit.

Quickly obtain funds for your works credit

Quickly obtain funds for your works credit

In compliance with the legal withdrawal period. In order for your file to be analyzed by the team, all you have to do is follow all the instructions indicated on it. Firstly, you must be aware of the various provisions of this contract, then you can complete this file with the requested information.

As indicated on the file, you must attach supporting documents, the full list of which can be found in the credit file. Usually you will need to provide a photocopy of your front / back identity card, your last salary slip, a bank details as well as your last bank account statement. These elements allow you to quickly analyze your file, which means that if it is finally accepted, you can receive the funds in record time on your bank account.

You will be able to start your work without waiting!

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